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I Forge Iron

Simple horseshoe projects

Eddie Mullins

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I got a few free horse shoes from the feed store, funny the stuff I'll ask folks for now that I am forging LOL, I decided to toy around with them yesterday, here the first few things I banged out, simple wall/coat hook, hoof pick and bottle opener, each made from 1/2 a shoe. I think I'll take these back to them to say thanks.


I plan to try horse head handles on the pick and bottle opener, but thought I'd keep it simple while I feel things out.  A heart and a letter opener are next on the list. Would like some more ideas, so lets see some of your horseshoe transformations



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Looking good Eddie. Yeah, hoof pics and bottle openers need a horse head, Brian Brazeal did a how to, the one heat horse/animal head I believe.


Taking a few back to the feed store is only right, not to mention a good marketing move. Folk who frequent feed stores have an interest in horse related goods. Horse shoes also make excellent shovel, rake, pitchfork, broom etc. hangers with a little bending. They'll need proper screw holes of course, I made the mistake of thinking horseshoe nails would work for mounting but . . . not so good.


Frosty The Lucky.

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here are a few ideas, not too much "blacksmithin'" with these; but they will let you create a path for your own ideas..




The hearts are simple and fun to make,  I intwined them then welded, hanging from barb wire makes them appealing for any horse lover :wub:  you could probably sell a few of those at your local feed store or market..



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