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Hi from over the pond!


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Hi there folk!

I come from central europe country Lithuania. Been forging for a few years now and the further I go the more questions comes up that I can't find an answer to by myself, so I hope I'm in the right spot for a few share and learn stories :D

Let me introduce some of my recent works, that will give you an idea of my style and skill. Hope to have a lot of good time here!


A wood rack:





Deer antler coat hanger:





My most recent piece, a wedding gift called the wish tree:





hope you like and see you around the variuos topics!



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Welcome aboard Andy, glad to have you. Please out your general location in the header so folk will have an idea where you are.


Nice body of work, the wood rack is will look great on any hearth. The wish tree is well made, though not to my taste means nothing about the quality of the work. The second tree is much more to my taste and while my taste has the same significance as before, the piece is a SWEET piece of work.


You'll fit right in here.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Merry Christmas everyone! :D Just got off the table, it's hard work to keep up with some of the guests :D :D


Espen, nice to see you here mate! Not long ago we had a good time in your forge and I'm already planning my next trip to Norway, so we should think of another little project!!! :)


Thanks eveyone for your nice welcome and see you around the topics! :) 

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