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Greetings from central New York


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Hello, Ladies and Gents. Signing in for the first time here from the Finger Lakes region of central NY. 

My metal forming exp. started beside my pops at a young age. --  mostly welding/fabrication. Looking for something new brought me to explore aluminum and brass sand casting projects over the last couple of years.  Great fun for sure and forge tuning/tweaking is an obsession.  

Took a knife making class this past fall at The Steelyard in Providence, RI and fell in love with that form of metal work.  Up to that point, I'd only used my anvil and hammer to straighten things out.  Now I make knives (and horrible tongs) in any spare time I have.  Can't get enough. heh. 

Have a couple of nice hammer heads coming from ebay for the holidays that I'll be making handles for out of some hickory I have air-drying at work. Excited for 2014.  Looking forward to reading more here as I build a new workshop over the next year as the garage isn't cutting it.




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greetings from Central Vermont, glad to see you on the site.  A lot of info here for the looking.  I just had a new retirement blacksmith shop 16'x20' built as I got told to move my stuff out of the garage before I burned it down.  Didn't spend time debating it just said "Yes Honey" & called my contractor.  Waiting till summer to get a concrete floor in it if the cash becomes available. 


As Steve said lots of nice people from lots of places here and they like to share info. 


Good Luck

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