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Is this a hammer Die?

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As I have been unpacking from the move, I have been making those discoveries, some pleasant and some not so, but this most recent one stumped me, it looks like a power hammer die, don't know how I got it or where it came from, anybody recognize what type it is, what hammer it might go to???


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Looks like a combo draw/flat die like you would make for a round anvil hammer like the Spencer tire hammers.  Would obviously have to match up to that bolt pattern. Hit it with a file and see if it's hardened.  Most of the Spencer hammers have two bolt holes but anyone could make a 4 bolt pattern easy enough.


Have you have a good holiday and Merry Christmas. 



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I don't know what specific hammer it was made for but it looks like a home made die from the placement of one of the bolt holes.  It is so close to the edge that it has a little opening.  It looks like a drawing die but I can't tell if it has flat spot as in a combo die.  Hope you find the other half.   

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