Accidental Inlay...A Christmas Tale...

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So in my attempt to make jewelry for my fiance as a gift for Christmas I decided I would try Mokume Gane for the first time. Instead of pressing it between plates as I have seen in videos I used a small piece of mild steel wire to hold it all together, fluxed, and then when I though it was at the right temp I smashed it! It seemed to be holding together OKAY and so I flattened it out to make a small pendant. Once I started to grind into it though I noticed something odd...When I twisted to wire tight to hold it together I intended to take it off as it fused seems that I missed a part of the wire and accidentally inlayed it into the mokume! The only benefit to this being that it was the twisted end and so came out kind of interesting and I think my fiance will like it. What do you all think?





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