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Where to find that magic black stuff? Coal

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I've been web surfing and all i can mannage to find is the grill biscuits that aint that great. Im out about the country keepin the grocery stores full of the food stuffs and to bring the chistmas gifts across the country everyone buys from china :(

Ill be back in town and would love to get a fire going if only for a few days. where can i buy coal in the Phoenix/Scottsdale in arizona?

Please and thank you.

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If your near a tractor supply they have 40lb bags for 4.99, though you may have to wait for them to order it for you. I've never used it but there is a smith on here (don't remember his name) that I've seen make videos with bags of it in the back ground.

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Troll? you wound me sire.


No ive just been working my butt to the bone making sure everyone has what they need for the holidays. driving a truck around the country keeping folks happy making sure there is food and toys on the shelves at the stores.


haven't had any time for hot iron much less the fountain of knowledge.


glad to be back.

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Thanks I'm only a starting hobbiest i don't know what id do with 1ton of coal.


You'd be surprised at how fast you can burn up coal!


I would love to get a ton at a time...saves handling the bag stuff.  Glenn pretty well summed it up as to volume.  If you had a way to pool the cost with some friends, the buy-it-by-the-ton would be the way to go.  At $130/ton, that comes out to the equivalent of about $3.25 per 50 lb. bag.  Much better than $35 per 50 lb. bag!!

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