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I'm new to this forum and having a blast going through it. As a hobby I've been running a simple armour making business for those into LARP and SCA the last couple years using a simple railway track but I recently got myself a real anvil through a trade (~$200). I then did some research to ID it and from what I can gather from this forum and the markings on the side it's quite a bit older than I originally thought. I can't make out the first row of markings but I can see Wilkinson and 0 3 22 (110 lbs if I calculated that right?). Would this indicate an age of around 150 years from England? I'm almost hesitant to actually smith with it and keep it as an antique!





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150 is not old for anvils and Galapagos tortoises. Hardly an adult, really. And that is a killer deal, a new one in that size would be at least triple that price.


So go ahead and use it. Just be gentle in the way that you clean it up, don't go crazy with a grinder or try to mill the face down and it will be OK. Pressure washing, drill powered wire brush and hand sanding with fine grit paper will do wonders.

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