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On 7/27/2020 at 4:49 PM, JHCC said:

That's some pretty horrible dog-Latin. Points for proper use of the second person plural imperative and the vocative plural, but both verbs are misspelled, the adverb is completely wrong, and the second clause translates to "the things of the heroes to work".

I'd suggest "Videte cum reverentia, O mortales; heros laboret." Might not be perfect, but it's better.

I think there's a little Mischinfektion of the structure of the sentence in your translation :)

Your translation means "See with awe, o mortals. The semi-god is working."

I think the original sentence means something like (just in a different order) " O mortals, respectfully se the semi-god at work."

You're of course right, the plural imperative of videre (to see) is videte. 

Contrary to you in my eyes the word reverente does not origin from the noun reverentia but from the adjetctive reverens. So in the casus ablativus reverens turns to reverenti. That would mean the orginal sentence is not that wrong. It should just be

"Reverenti videte, o mortales, herorem loborare. "

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Herr Baum:  Thank you for your input.  The original quotation is from a tee shirt my late wife gave me many years ago.  I only have a bit of dog Latin and appreciate input from those with a more classical education than I.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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I'm definitely no "latin expert" too. I had the opportunity to gain the latin proficiency certificate (is that the correct term?), but that was ages ago :) So this is just my point of view. And honestly: There's no one among us who ever met an ancient roman. That's why in my eyes everything is just a guesstimate, even the spelling :)


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When someone questions your standards, evaluate YOUR standards to see if they need raised.  Do not be afraid to raise them again if needed. 

As your standards rise, the questions then become why are your standards so high.  Smile and say Thank You.

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Everybody knows" is like a blinking sign saying, "I don't actually know anything, I'm embellishing what I've heard."

-- Frosty

(The exception being Leonard Cohen, of course.)

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