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I Forge Iron

Blacksmithing gems and pearls

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2 hours ago, Glenn said:

its a hammer and your'e supposed to hit something with it not hug or tickle it.  ADHD-Forge

That was Tickle WITH it, Glenn, not tickle it

Blacksmiths. . . SHEESH!:rolleyes:

Frosty The Lucky.

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Some favorite pearls from my grandfather 

“can’t weld without coke and you can’t make coke without wet coal”

”quit fighting the tongs, make them fit or make some new ones”

“Quit being an engineer, simple heat treats better”

”god gave you a brain and a strong back, you’ll live longer using the first one”

”give it a try, but put the Dexta and the square bailer in the shop so we make the most out of the insurance when you burn the place down”

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Welcome aboard Tinker B, glad to have you.

Sounds like you have a fun Grandfather, we'd probably get along at the coffee shop. I like funnin with people too. :)

Frosty The Lucky.

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Very true indeed. At a working history museum I volunteer at, we keep a small supply of items on stock for sale: dinner bell triangles, steak turners, duplex nail swords, and a variety of S hooks. Often times I'll just start by drawing a taper or deburring the end of a freshly snipped piece of 5/16" square stock and someone will ask, "What are you making?" At this point in the process, I really hadn't decided, unless the master Smith has suggested we are currently low on an item. So I tell them, "Anything you want to buy!" Usually get a strange look followed by, "Hey, can you make a such and such?" "Maybe. Never tried." Is my typical response, followed quickly with, "If you have 30 minutes, Let's find out together! If I can't, it cost you nothing but some time."

So many "items" involve the same basic methods. Even the most complex concepts draw on the knowledge of previously learned and mastered basics.

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I like to have a piece of scrap wood near the forge and when some parent tells their kid it's really fake, casually place the hot end on the wood and let the smoke and fire spurt!   Now I have faked it once; when the MatSci club at the local University had a float in the "Homecoming-like" parade and wanted "forging".  We had dry ice and water to make the smoke and sprayed the ends of the stock with red orange and yellow paint.  They were really impressed with I did the "Shave and a haircut---2 bits" on the anvil with a light hammer. (I learned it from Emmert Studebaker when he was in his 90's)   Anyway we won the "Music" award for our float...

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