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I Forge Iron

Blacksmithing gems and pearls

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Greetings All,


A person who is only shiny on the outside is much smaller than a person who is shiny on the inside..   A sculpture to live by..   I made this and others a few years ago and it still stands true...   


Forge on and make beautiful things






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"Five minutes at the anvil saves an hour at the bench."

     Donald Streeter


"Forge to shape; file to fit."

     old saying


"He's making up in shine what he lacks in ability."


These latter two may seem antithetical, but the second one means that there is WAY TOO MUCH grinding, sanding, filing on a crudely forged lump.

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I dont think I will ever forget one of the first things Frank Turley said when I attended one of his short classes.


"So, you want to be a blacksmith, and wear a size 50 shirt and peer thru a keyhole with both eyes at the same time"! 


BTW Frank, thanks a million for the time you spent with us. I have benefited from it greatly, and have worn out the notes I took as well.


Vince Smith

San Jon, NM

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"20 plus years, and I still have a lot to learn."   from Steve Sells.....

 I resemble that remark....... 20 years full time from next June and as much is ahead as behind me (I hope!!)


Me too except I'm another 35 years on from you youngsters, and there's even more to learn, barely scratched the surface yet.


Good fun though !!

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NobodySpecial reminded me of this when he said 'Don't [tick] off the person who can [fix something]'


I think its supposed to be a 'Confucius say' line:

"Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it."


I see that kind of attitude from people who are JUST starting to smith and insist that some things are impossible while watching the instructor do them :)

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