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show us your mill

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Not bragging believe me but, I have a 3,000 SF shop . Just moved in here . Has airplane hanger another 3,000 SF . Huge house

really too big for me and the wife . Will see how this place works out . Its about 6 years old .     Thank you    james

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I bought this gear head benchtop mill/drill just before Christmas from a guy I work with. I'm currently rewiring the motor for 230v rather than 115v. never had an issue running 115v until I got to the 3" facing mill. Kept popping the breaker. I'm also installing a DRO kit for the X and Y-axis'. Too many levers and switches in the way to mount a Z-axis digital readout.





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This Concord mill was given to me for moving some other equipment. Unfortunately it got rusty over the last 4-5 years. Don't have a garage, and those crappy blue tarps disintegrate in short order down here. The rust isn't that bad, looks worse than it is. Anyway, this mill may be getting traded for a Champion #1 power hammer.

My main mill is still back in CA. It is a Millport. Looks like this one except that it is a 16 speed with a 2 speed motor.

No pics of the Van Norman Universal horizontal mill back at the folks estate.


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