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Break the heel off? It happens sometimes. A 140 lbs of flat steel with a hardened face a horn, a step, etc is a 140 lbs of flat steel with a hardened face et al. Go make 'em an offer, get it, give it a good home. Hardy holes are great but not mandatory.

Looks just like mine, except I think on mine the face may be cleaner. Hard to tell from the photo.


seriously, offer them a lowball price, got mine for 75 bucks, and probably could have talked him down.
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DON'T RETIRE IT; USE IT! or see that it gets to someone who can use it.


I just spent from 9am to 3pm yesterday forging on an anvil like that, mine's a Powell, it's a great anvil with a hard flat face. It's funny; but the hot steel didn't notice that there was supposed to be a heel and hardy, it squished between the hammer and the face just like the anvil was a complete one!  I especially like my anvil for teaching new students with a lot of strength but poor hammer control.  Give them a soft faced hammer and they can't damage your anvil!


Anvils have had a heel and hardy/pritchel holes for only a couple of hundred years, while they have looked liked that anvil *minus the horn too* for several thousand years.


I tell my students to actively hunt for such anvils as they are still great anvils and go for a song usually.  I paid US thirty cents a pound for mine.  If you "collect" anvils then getting that one in use by a aspiring smith frees up an anvil for your future collection.

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Looks surprisingly like Bogdan's anvil minus the spike on the bottom, and we all know the great work he turns out on it!  I wouldn't hesitate to buy it if the price was right as I've never seen any real need for the hardy or pritchell holes.  They come in handy sometimes, but they certainly aren't necessary!


Hate to see an anvil hurt like that, but the edges, face and horn all look to be in exceptional shape and ready for another hundred years in a smithy.

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Mines broken but it was the only way I was going to get a 300# (minus a bit) for $160.

The lack of hardey hole is annoying however another $50 and I have a leg vice to solve the issue.

That one looks good, Id grab it. If you dont want it I am sure another noob will want it

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Saw this anvil at a junk yard. Only an idiot do this to an anvil

I can't believe you haven't seen one like that being that you have so many anvils lol. I've only recently got hooked on anvils and have had the chance to buy quite a few with broken heels. I bought a 100 pound anvil with a broken heel for $7.50 and a 220 pound attwood's with the heel ready to fall off for $100.
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