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I wish I knew more about this anvil!

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My knowledge about anvils is limited.  From the castings marks front and back, this anvil appears to be "cast".  I also see no indication of a top plate having been forge welded onto it.  With the exception of the number "1" stamped into the one side, there are no markings anywhere.  The anvil does have good rebound, around 75-80%, and rings when struck, though not as high pitched as say a Peter Wright.


I suspect the anvil is American made and at least 70 years old, maybe older.  Was there an American company that made 100% cast steel anvils?  My research turned up Trenton anvils usually have a thinner heel like this one does, but that's about all I could find.  While I'm at it, any idea what caused the bottom of the hardy hole (see picture 5) to be pushed out?  Could this be a casting defect, making the anvil a second and therefore not marked?  Any input is appreciated.












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Picture #5:  That is casting "flash" that was never ground off.  The hardy hole was formed around a ceramic core.  This was removed after casting.  Sometimes bits of metal are left, and are usually ground off.  On this anvil, that was never done. 


As to make, ??.  That is all I can add.

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There were several companies that made cast steel anvils, of good quality. Colombian and West were two of the best but there were also others. Colombians had a triangle with a C in the middle

and West's had either a W or their name somewhere on the anvil. Trenton didn't make a complete cast anvil, their bases were cast in the later years of production with a tool steel top welded on. If you don't have some distinguishing marks on yours then  it'll remain just a guess as to who made it.

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Greetings Utah,


Years ago I sold one that looks just like that one to Richard Postman for his collection..  It was an Enders ..  We laughed because he stated in his book AIA that the company only made anvils under 25 pounds..   We come to the conclusion that it must have been a prototype.   As I recall it was soft faced but it sure looked good..  I took it to SOFA , set it on the tailgate and waited..  sure enough he found it ..  I knew all the time he was the only person that I wanted to have it... I am sure many companies attempted to introduced new product into there line.. 


Forge on and make beautiful things


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Odds are it's a Columbian. Cast steel made in Cleveland, OH. Their marks varied, or were missing altogether, but the beveled edges of the waist continuing down part of the legs. as this one has, is consistent with all Columbians I've seen, all sizes. Usually ring pretty loud and high, you've got the age about right, too. You got a real nice one, congrats!

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