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Dimensions of Flat Jawed Tongs


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  Funny thing is I just finished this book last night.  "Machine Blacksmithing", ©1909.  It's available for free on Google books, although it's a little bit of a trick to get to the downloadable *.pdf file.

  James Cran poses some pretty cool ideas for tooling and seems to focus a lot on steam hammers.  There's a promising steam hammer die holder (Pg. 20, Fig. 20) that seems like a heavier version of a smithin' magician crossed with a spring swage.  I'm sure it could be adapted to air hammers without much trouble, and probably to power hammers with a little forethought.  Another cool idea is a triple-combo powerhammer bottom die (Pg. 35, Fig. 41) that's set up on one end for drawing, flat-work in the middle, and an adjustable taper on the other end.  If anyone has made this, I'd like to see detailed part's explosion pictures of the T-bolt/Wedge-bolt/Corrugation set-up on the taper end, if it's not too much trouble.

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I have had this in my "tongs" file for a long time. Great reference. There is another page that has dimensions for goose neck/bolt tongs as well I'm not sure I can post it however as it was from another website that posted it from the Machinist Handbook with permission. CR rules can get ugly but here's the drawing:



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