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Wheres my manners?

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After a few posts and great help/tips/info from the members at IFI I figured I better introduce myself.


Hello all! Glad to be a part of a very helpful/informative group. My name is James and I live in Montana. I am just getting ready to build my first forge, and start smithing for the very first time. I'm super stoked! My current living situation isn't ideal for metal work of this nature. So I plan on moving with in a year or two. Until then I will have to make it portable and go to  friends or family's house.


Once I am up and running I will try to post pictures of progress. Might be a long process with no real teacher, but hey I'm a "hands on" type of guy any ways. Jump right in and see where it takes me.



Sorry for the late introduction, I got ahead of myself and got excited. Better late then never I guess! :unsure:  


Wishing you all creative thoughts!


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You did not say what fuel you were using. There are several forge designs on the site that are portable that use either solid fuel, gas, or induction heating. Choose one and start building. That will get you started forging while you think out and design a better second forge. 


The forge can be designed so it can be moved (think wheels on one end handles on the other) or in the case of a demo forge or remote location forge, it can be disassembled. The final design is totally up to you and your needs.


No one ever said you could only have one forge. (grin)

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Thanks Sam, I look forward to making strong attempt at this. I've been looking for a new way to be creative so i think this will suite me. Plus I been wanting to do this for 15+ years. Didn't know it was so easy to build a forge, (yet more so in other ways).


Yeah I been working on a few ideas for a cart system/workbench. I will be using propane. 1st forge is going to be a small one I think. (members here talked me into it.) That will make it easier to lug around. Without making the first one yet, I have plans brewing already for my second one.

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