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I Forge Iron

what I did on my summer vacation

Judson Yaggy

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Very little blacksmithing content in this except that I make my own chisels and drawknives, but this little gem took up a large portion of my summer.  An open sided pavilion in the CCC style for a private estate in southern New York, 20'x32'.  Square rule layout for those who know what that is, I laid out all of the timbers and cut about 60% of it myself, the remaining 40% was done by a carpenter friend/coworker that I was teaching as we went.  


White pine, a -poor- choice for outdoor exposure to put it mildly but the architect wouldn't budge on the species.  That did let me find some BIG timbers for the  plates and ridge, 8"x12" by 32 feet, pretty big for east cost trees.  All housed mortice, tennon, and peg joinery, no steel except for the uplift brackets knife plated into the post bases.  





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