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Tomahawk from 32 oz. Ballpeen Hammer first attempt

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Under a watch full eye, but no intervention, I used my friends forge and his guidence to make my first attempt to turn a 32 ounce ballpeen hammer into a Tomahawk. 4 hours of pounding and about 15 heatings. I used a belt sander to do the final shapping of the head and tiger stripe maple handle. Total time was about 8 hours. I'm just completing my hand made forge and super sucker hood. I need to find a chimmey and assemble everything. I hope to have my set-up completed in a few weeks. I'm hooked on this Blacksmithing for sure.



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Thanks Guys,

I bought half a dozen old hammers about 20 years ago and they sat in a coffee can under the work bench. I just found them again about a year ago. That is what I used. I have played around with bending some metals and pounding out some simple things years ago using a rose bud for heat and then I bought an old forge got it working again and started making leaves, etc. This was my first real project. I teach Mechanical Maintenence class for the power industry and I have had the chance to build a good forge at home over the last few months. Since we have horses my hobby of blacksmithing is going hand in hand around the farm. I have read many topics on the internet and have to say I have learned so much from you guys and I appreciate your help.

Thanks Ron

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If I haven't already said Welcome aboard Ron then welcome aboard!


You certainly have the knack for hand work, you'll pick up the craft quickly. That is a sweet hawk and for a first attempt it's outstanding.


I'm thinking you are SO going to fit in here. Welcome to the addiction, it's a life long learning curve and one GRAND ride.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Wonderful hawk!  Genuinely impressive to see someone take their time, pay attention to the details, and then turn out a project to that level of fit and finish.  That's a rare thing these days!!


Very much looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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Thank you so very much. I just bought a 8 year old Mule over the weekend and I started pounding out a "Mule Head" door knocker yesterday. I will post a picture of it tomorrow. I love to make things with my hands that are different. I have learned so much from these post already, thank you guys for all of your years of knowledge.

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