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I Forge Iron

Look at this nail heading tool that was given to me today by a smith at the fair!

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Headed out to the North Carolina State Fair today, and for the first time in my life, I took a special interest in the blacksmithing exhibit. I made some friends and got lots of information, and a fellow gave me this hand forged nail heading tool. What a generous fellow! He said it was made from one piece of round stock that was bent to a 90 and forged fat. Then while hot a file handle was driven into it to give it the square shape. He also gave me some hand made nails so that I can have something to try and mimic. I just got home and tried it with some soft copper and I am sold. What a great tool.  I didn't have any copper large enough to fit the head but I added a spacer to the inside(made of copper, see picture) and the smaller gauge material seated just fine.  I will never buy another nail in my life(just kidding) but really, it gets the job done with efficiency. Pictured to the right of the tool is my first hand forged nail, in copper(my foundry-forge is at my land.) The other two are iron that were done at the fair by the pro's.  Pictured above the tool and nails you will see the piece of copper stock that I used, just a heavy gauge ground wire.  I also found a connection to get some coal from a fellow in Advance, NC. If anyone needs coal in NC, this guy has a bunch, I hear. Message me for his number.

Thanks for looking guys!


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Brad, glad the header worked for you.  mind you, it's just mild steel.  I'm still envious about the anvils, but congrats on that deal.


Francis, I have had the privilege of meeting Amos several times at various meetings and gatherings.

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