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My first commission!

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Ta-da! Just finished my first commission and thought I'd share some pics as I'm kinda proud despite it being very basic.


A local antiques place has a cart out front in a car park with their shop signs hanging off the sides, they wanted metal legs to replace the bodge-job wooden ones (not yet taken off in the pictures). They just wanted something basic with only a touch of decoration as cars are always reversing into the cart so they didn't want to spend a lot on something that'd get knocked about.


Of course I made every amateur mistake in the book and undercharged, made errors that took ages to undo, forgot to take a particular measurement and had to go back, but it's all part of the learning curve and the customer was happy and has offered me more work so it can't be all bad!



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Good onya!

Your work fits very well with the rest of the cart. They need to put some finish on that wood before it is beyond repair. Couple coats of stain and some oil would make a world of difference.

Selling something is still a treat for me after 15 years. The ultimate compliment- a checkbook gotten into play!


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Good on you. My first commission is a chandelier for the golf estate - when I think about it I panic - have to start it next month after the move. In wood work they say measure twice and cut once and my old mentor always joked that they hadn't invented a wood welding rod yet :P

It's nice getting paid for doing what you love and even nicer developing relationships with good clients.

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Looks good Joel, fits right into the cart's character. But. . . UH. . . You made EVERY mistake in the book? What do you have, a one page pamphlet? I'm rarely accomplished enough to make more than a couple mistakes in anybody's book let alone ALL of them.


You my friend are one ambitious guy! <grin>


Well done.


Frosty The Lucky.

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