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What is this hardy tool used for?

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It could be used for that but I suspect it wasn't for bending.  If I were guessing it looks like a tool for squaring shoulders on something (buggy spring?) due to the square pins.  If they were round I'd think they were for bending.  But what do I know, I just make ugly knives. :rolleyes:  With all the experience here I'm sure somebody can clarify it. <_<

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The square posts are more than likely for alignment of the piece going into the form.  Using them as anvils to actually square up a shoulder would be rather inefficient, imo.


It could also be a preform for something that wasn't completed.  


It's got a wonderful patina, though.

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In the electrical field, we have a tool that  has a lower section  like this one.


For the electricape pipe, it is round but the idea of the electrical tool is to bend conduit to a preset shape/distance, to make an offset.  Because the pipe is hollow,  the bottom has a matching top piece to keep the pipe from colapsing.   Taking that idea forward:  I can see this working the same way.  A flat bar, is placed betwen the  2 square posts,  and laying outward along that ramp, is hammered to match the contour of the tool. in this case a hardey held swage, to make the offsets, being solid it wont need the top piece like my pipe does.


no matter what it was for, it could be used this way... Next idea anyone ?

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Jim Coke and Socal Dave, I'm not familiar with the making of collars or even what they are. Could you walk me through it? I do appreciate your input. Alan

Steve Sells, an interesting idea, and it certainly would work for making offsets. Thanks, Alan.

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Greetings again Utah,


If you search in the tool department under collar tools you will see some similar tools and how to use them ..  Somewhere I saw a video of Brian B using the same tool...


Good luck

Forge on and make beautiful things


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Third hand for holding tongs. Squeeze the handles tight, slip them in between the ears and free up your other hand for whatever it is you need.


Since we're throwing out ideas I figured I might as well ad that one. 


It doesn't matter what it was designed to do. It matters what you're going to do with it. It could have been a jig used to ensure the tang on a large series of knives were all consistent for mass handle production. It could be used to hold square and/or flat stock in place. It's tapered shape might have been a shape needed for a small part that needed to be consistent over many pieces.


Whatever it is, I'd use it however I could every time I could.

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