Tomahawk and my first forge weld

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No where near finished but I worked on this Sunday at our local forge. It's made from 1.25" mild steel with a piece of 5160 (lawnmower blade) for the bit. This was just my second time forging. It was also my first time forge welding and it was successful on the first try. Something I'm proud of. Just need to finish my home forge so I can finish this project up.

You can see the piece of 5160 in the end here.



Here is where I am right now.


This is the sample that the instructor brought.


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are you sure about the steel in the lawnmower blade?  They can vary quite a lot!

The smith that was doing the demo brought the blade pieces and said it was 5160.

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Welcome to the site,,,,,Nice piece of work for a first or for that matter it is a nice piece..period....And there are a few folks on here that look into specific areas that target their interests. There is a place covering tomahawks and axes that might get more views of this.....I suspect a mod may move it..  Keep at it and take lots of pics...

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