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Broken anvil corner

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I had a student mis-strike the other weekend and the corner broke off.

Notice the corrosion under the face so it was never really welded in place.

Note also the HUGE grain to the steel face.


I may have this broken bit metallographically polished and chem studied just to see.







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Crack has been around a while; but I don't think is was original.  The question is what type of build method was that anvil?  I'm guessing a cast top; like one of the younger american anvils had.


I had a lot of "crush damage"  with a trenton that had been abused at a copper mine.  When it was gussied up the edge problems were found to extend aways further than we had guessed.  Luckily we had a professional welder---who teaches welding, using professional equipment, (optical pyrometer on the preheat!), who is also a highly trained smith who had volunteered for the anvil repair meeting.  Used the Gunter method and the 400+# anvil holds down the armouring end of my shop.

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Pre-heat to 450º with a big torch and then hit it with some 7018 rod.  There's not a lot of meat missing, and that corner is really out of the way.  While 7018 isn't a hard-facing rod, it's plenty strong enough for the occasional errant blow.

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