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I Forge Iron

Would this produce charcoal suitable for forging?


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That is actually what one sword smith used for a long time and then he started experimenting with different ways to get what he deemed to be the more desirable charcoal.  It all depends on what works.  all charcoal works just differently.  The more of the volitiles out seems to be less desirable as you want it turned to fully charcoaled but slowly and with out blasting the wood apart in the process as the volitiles are worth keeping for burning later.  There is some interesting information about what he does  http://www.katanabuilders.com/katanablog/55-gallon-drum-retort/


Its like finishing something.  Its done when you decide it is.  They will make charcoal and you can forge with it.  

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To get efficiency from that type of retort it needs to be covered to help retain heat or you end up building quite a fire under it just to get it going and even when it's burning pyrolization gasses most of the heat is lost to open air.


Except for an oven-like enclosure that's the basic design for an indirect charcoal retort. It's also the basic model for a wood heating system that's gaining popularity for it's efficiency the "wood gas" furnace. The more popular type is the outdoor wood boiler you may be familiar with, more are popping up up here all the time.


Frosty The Lucky.

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