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finally coming together - first atmospheric forge/burner


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ok, here's some quick footage of my first atmospheric forge/burner. I have work yet to do on the forge body, and from what I've read, and the large amount of dragon's breath, I believe I need to reduce the front opening some. I haven't run the forge for more than 5-10 min total yet and the highest PSI I've messed with is <10.

please share your thoughts. :-)
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The flame is "soft and floppy", which means either too much gas, or not enough air.  As a test, get a small blower (like a hand held hair dryer) and blow into the intake of your burner.  You should get a lot less flame out the door and the burn should have a crisp sound to it.  I am not the venturi guy ( I prefer blown burners), but either your intake is blocked somehow, or your gas jet is too big.


Is this your own design, or one of the "commercial" burners?  If it's yours, what did you use for an injector nozzle?



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I have a choke that I added because I couldn't keep the burner lit (out of the forge) wide open. the choke is closed about 3/4, but when I open it up, it sputters. this may be because of the low psi though.

forgot to mention, it's self-assembled, from zoeller kit.

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Don't mes with blowers that is NOT going to help you tune a naturally aspirated burner. What size jet are you using on what diameter burner tube? That one is burning rich you closed the choke down too far since your last video. Try splitting the difference and then only move it a little bit as in less than half a turn at a time. You can adjust the choke while it's burning.


Don't worry about it working outside the forge, it's for heating the inside of a forge. If you want to heat stock outside the forge buy a torch. Sure some guys use naturally aspirated burners to heat things outside their forge but guys like Ron Reil spent a long time developing and tuning their burners to do so and don't use them outside the forge.


It's MUCH too quiet, it shouldn't be making a soft whoosh sound, it should ROAR in a most annoying manner. You can hear my 3/4" burner from the front porch of the house more than 100' away and the burner is inside the shop. It's hard to carry on a conversation around it.


Your jet may be a little bit out of alignment with the tube, the flame is a bit off center the better aligned the better it'll burn.


Frosty The Lucky.

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I really appreciate the replies, and regret not responding before. I'm still working out the kinks.

I have read enough to know there's no sense adding a blower to naturally aspirated burner. ;-) Oh, and the tip is 0.035 tip with 3/4" x 8" pipe.

Here are some more clips/pics.
This is running about 10 psi (though I've gone up to 12-15 without huge change except the amount of flames coming out of front, which is why I had tried blocking the opening w/firebrick).

this sputtering starts to happen after forge is up and running for a while (maybe 5 min+). could it be partly from the paint burning off front? :-/

will post more when I get back from class.
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