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Looking for a Blacksmithing Community


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Evening all! I am a young man looking to try his hand at blacksmithing. I am, it seems, going to need a lot of help. We no longer know who the town blacksmith is from birth, so getting in contact with the actual man-with-the-anvil is not easy. For tonight, I'll keep this simple. 

Who I am: I am a young man just out of college who recently landed his first full-time day job. I have the time and money (FINALLY!) to go to weekend events, slowly accumulate gear, and practice the trade. I currently live in an apartment with three other guys, but there is a garage possibility. 


What I need: I need advice on getting started in general (I see there's a page or so for that). I need to know what people do in situations like mine (can one smith in a garage near hundreds of residences?). I need a community to share this whole thing with; iron sharpens iron, da? My area is the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I know there are guys around here, because I met them at the Renaissance Festival.


I could use some directions. Shoot me a PM or reply here. I'll be busy digging through the posts. Thanks ya'll!


--SDG, TJDaggett

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Yes! Thank you so much. This is exactly what I am looking for. I will pursue these when I get off of work. Stephen, I am about fifteen minutes out of Robbinsdale, over in the New Brighton/St. Anthony area. Will you be around tonight? I'll shoot you a PM.

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Blatant testimonial: I posted this topic on Wednesday around 8:30. I knew nobody. Yesterday at 4:30 I met Stephen in person. We spent 2.5 hours talking, and I learned more from him than I have from all the YouTube videos I've ever seen. Thank you!

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That my friend is what IFI is all about! Helping others in this endeavor.



Yep. It's why so many of us ask new guys to post up their locations. I know at least 4 guys here that are roughly in my area, and possibly 2 others who I'm not sure if they have joined yet or not.


In many cases there are guys here who are more than willing to let guys come by and learn.

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