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Iv'e been commissioned to make a large knife with a larger than normal gut hook. I'm trying to figure out the best way to create this gut hook. Iv'e looked around and everyone is using a chainsaw file to create one, but it is too small. Any ideas?

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Does it Have to be a gut hook?


 Here in the UK I'm a semi pro deer hunting guide, i shoot between 200-300 deer a year from the tiny Muntjac through to the much bigger Red deer.  I used a knife with a gut hook (of the sort i think you're trying to make) twice before i decided it was almost entirely useless.  With 3 or 4 deer to dress in a short amount of time it was more trouble than it was worth.


 It's much more common here to use a tripe knife, here's one i made last year:









  We did a park cull and between us shot 64 Fallow deer, and that knife was used to unzip all of them, no fuss with snagging and no split guts.


 For your commission you've obviously got a specific brief, but if you ever get asked for something else for gutting, feel free to remember this little thing of mine.   :)

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I have never liked gut hooks myself. I prefer my great grampas old timer sheath knife that was handed down to me. Keep it sharp and I barely have to use any force to skin with. I even use it to pop the joints out quickly and neatly. Other people using bonesaws and guthook knives are amazed when I'm done skinning before them. Thanks, big pawpaw. :)

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