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Stones and steel?

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Dave, are you asking about something thats been formed to fit a matching stone (i.e. something like a forged snake, that drapes over a specific boulder); or are you asking about things permanently attached to stones (i.e. a bird bath with a stone base, or a grille or something set into a solid masonry building)?


I ask because the how depends a lot on the application and the type of stone involved.


Also, as someone that has studied built heritage conservation, when it comes to mating different materials together (stone and metal, stone and wood, wood and metal, etc.), I know that there are far more ways to do it wrong, than to do it right.

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Neil, After one of the conferences I saw pics of a sword stuck into a rock. I have also seen steel crosses and such attached to rock, with no clue showing as to how the did it. Lots of bookends attached to stones, too. Not cast in place with concrete, just somehow stuck to or in a plain old garden variety stone.
I am not about to just start trying to get the two mated- asking those more experienced is nearly always faster and cheaper.


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Greetings Dave,


I made this a few years ago as a testimonial for a friend..   He was a knapper and loved to show people how it was done...  After a weekend of smithing at a local restaurant just before he left he put an arrow head on my table as a gift... I laughed and told him it needed some steel to make it perfect.   Unfortunately he passed away a few days later at a very young age...  I thought you might enjoy a look...  The meaning is LIFE TAKES SOME UNEXPECTED  DIRECTIONS .....


Forge on and make beautiful things


post-30666-0-02166700-1380754342_thumb.j  post-30666-0-45898900-1380754725_thumb.j  post-30666-0-57184300-1380754815_thumb.j  post-30666-0-24478300-1380754955_thumb.j

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Look for some sort of 2 component anchor epoxy, its for anchoring to concrete and stone, its non shrinking so it wont come loose with time. I don't like using the tubes with the mixing nozzle if I only have little jobs to do, I end up throwing away more than I use, I try and get the two little tubs and mix my own with a paint scraper on an old bit of laminex. Depending on the stone the hole may need a clean and the metal stud or pin needs to be roughed up a bit with a chisel or the hammer and maybe a bit of a sanding.


Will need to think about how to sit or hold the piece while the epoxy sets if you are not inserting studs, which can take a while.


Or alternatively there are epoxy products that can be drilled and tapped like devcon's plastic steel putty so that the metal structure can be bolted and the head hidden or capped.

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