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Nobody Special

Quiet little weekend...except for the tink....tink....tink.....

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Had a nice weekend and got some hours in on the forge. Amongst the projects:


- fixed the parts for a messed up dragon doorknocker


- forged some copper wings for it. (one part will take soldering)


- toyed with forging aluminum for the first time


- modified a hammer into a diagonal peen


- just barely began a knife from a little chunk of file (got tired, didn't finish)


- made an oogly nail header and a few nails


- couple of new punches


- did some hammer and hardy tool holders for my stump,


- straightened and started grinding/filing a ballpeen tomahawk. (yeah, it's got some fuller marks to take out, but hey, it's a first.)


- worked on my bulldog bottle openers, definitely better.








They ain't perfect, but they're mine. Also spent some time with the umm, whatta ya call 'em....wife and kids? I'll can always sleep when I'm dead. How was your weekend?

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The aluminum items are hard to see because they're not in the pics. :) Sorry. Didn't take any pics, but I didn't burn them up at least. Just kinda knocked some ingots into bar shape for fun.

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Aluminum is fun to forge once you get a feel for it. Anneal it using a stick heat it and run the stick down it, when the stick leaves a brown line it's done, if it leaves a black mark it's still good. When the black mark burns off clean you've about maxed the temp but that is a decent temp for hot forging Al. You don't need to hot forge Al just learn to recognize when it's work hardened and anneal.


Forging copper is more fun but a different animal.


Love the pug bottle opener, I'm gonna have to give it a try. Is there a how to here? Link please? <hopeful grin>


Frosty The Lucky.

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I did not have quite as much forge time as you did but, i did get in a little hammering today. Made my third ever cooking fork and got the matching handles made for a ladle and spatula to go with it. I am going to make a copper blade for the spatula and copper bowl for the ladle.

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