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What type of power hammer do you use?

What type of power hammer do you use?  

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  1. 1. If you use a power hammer, what is the primary one in use in your shop?

    • Homemade (tire hammer)
    • Antique mechanical
    • Modern mechanical
    • Antique self-contained
    • Modern self-contained
    • Modern air hammer (big blu, iron kiss, etc.)
    • Steam hammer
    • Other

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Tommy T,


Could you show us photos of the guided helve?  Sounds like a fairly rare breed!


As for learning, get a hold of the Clifton Ralph videos, or get to a workshop with Steve Parker, one of Clifton's proteges.  Last I knew UMWBA has video libraries that include demos from both for sale for very reasonable prices.  

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i use a 25kg anyang, and am really delighted with it - have had it for bout 5 years, and have just serviced it for the first time, have had it entirely in bits, with the email help from james usa anyang dealer on this forum - its all really straightforward to service and get to, and im telling you all, the customer support from james and his father is supernaturally good! i have never known anything like it :) james has talked me through every detail of stripping the hammer down, and im not even a customer.! all you americanians (and anyone else) who are thinking about which hammer to buy, and worrying about after sales service/support - this hammer is great, and these are your guys!!!

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I've never weighed it but the guy I bought it from said it weighed 1200 pounds. The base & sow block which doesn't show in the picture is solid cast iron. As seen in the picture mine is reinforced in the center with steel plates because they were weak there and tended to break.

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