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What type of power hammer do you use?

What type of power hammer do you use?  

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  1. 1. If you use a power hammer, what is the primary one in use in your shop?

    • Homemade (tire hammer)
    • Antique mechanical
    • Modern mechanical
    • Antique self-contained
    • Modern self-contained
    • Modern air hammer (big blu, iron kiss, etc.)
    • Steam hammer
    • Other

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I am curious as to what the majority of smiths today are using. 



When taking the poll, please only vote for the type of hammer that gets the most attention/use in your shop. 


This poll only applies to power hammers; not presses, treadle hammers, hand hammers, etc. 


Thank you

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I dont know that I have ever seen a picture of that hammer Geoff.....    Really cool


I have quite a assortment of hammers.   I have a 60lb Tire hammer,  A 150lb  KA striking hammer,  A Nazel 4B and a 60 KG Saymak.  I also have a couple others but those are the ones that are in operation.


I could make due without any of them other than the SayMak and make the same money I do now,  All the others make things easier or faster but really the SayMak is the money maker in the shop.

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I said modern self contained as my Massey is from the 60s.  I use it the most.  I do use my shop built air  hammer as well as I do have some specialized tooling that I have made.  As well the shop built hammer hits faster lighter blows which is sometimes useful.

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I have an iron kiss "75". The tup weighed in at 93 pounds w/o dies. John rates his hammers conservatively apparently.
Also a bull inspired homemade 112 pound hammer

Hope to get a larger mechanical at some point. Murray or Beaudry appeals to me although I don't have much experience with them.

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I run between a 60lb goliath mechanical hammer I have turned on next to a 225lb alldays and onions  vintage air hammer I run them together  often using both hammers in the same heat.and get my combo of power and finishing strokes .

 I also run a 50kg sahinla for separate jobs  and its starting to take over roles previously held by the big/little combo.

 If I had to keep only one it would have to be the sahinla.......although it hurts me to say that as I have a much greater attachment to the other two.

 Im voting modern self contained as that is the recent reality.......

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