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I Forge Iron

Rasp Hawks

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Great work Chris, per usual. Always enjoy looking at your stuff. That's a pretty cool effect you got on the knife blade mate. Like it all alot.....

Hi Whirly thanks mate , looks a bit snakey looking i think  after i made the sheath i thought i should have use snake skin instead

oh well next time ,appreciate and thanks for likeing my work .


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nice ChrisJohn

the knife has a small pattern on one side and big pattern on the other.  is that from the original file teeth, coarse on one side and fine on the other?  the large pattern looks cool. 

Hi bikecopXXX yes mate your right cource and finer opp sides thank you .


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What process did you do to make the eye?  The hawks I've made were slit punched then drifted.  I'm assuming they're forged welded though seems like it could get tricky.

Hi Dan C i do use both process mate heres a couple of pix of both ways.

all i did with the rasp was heat up a bit to get rust and stuff.off wire brush then fire weld  and put another piece of file in for the cutting edge ,

The  other is slit and drift from 1 inch coil spring


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Nice work. Please don't tell me you did all 4 in one day??????

Will you post a couple pics of the eye from the top please?

Thanks and great job!


Hi Dave nah had other stuff to do  as well mate .

got pic from bottom , when i get time i will take one from top for you

thanks Dave.



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Hey Chris, awesome job! How do these hold up on a torture test? How do you heat treat them?

Hi Scrap rat thats a pretty wide open question there  .

i think most of us know you can splt rock apart with wooden wedges so

you main object is to get that fire weld real good .,


i normaly weld the eye a few times to make sure you dont have a week spot

up around your eye .if you do you will find it will open when you drive your tapered tear drop  haft in . 

Harden like you would a normal axe

cutting edge leave main body realitively soft .temper back to what your after .the life of any tool is in the hardening and tempering

thanks Scrap rat


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Wow Chris i was just looking at all the posts youve made of hawks and knives youve made..... WOW! You are a talented man! Knives and hawks are what im interested in making, but still setting up shop and making a appalachian power hammer and belt grinder. I hope to scratch the surface of what you can do, keep posting pictures! Any books thatd youd recommend? Once again good work

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