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Campbelltown Machinery Rally 12/13th Oct 2013

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Hi All,

It is nearly that time of year again for the spring rally hosted by the NSW Steam Preservation Co-operative at Campbelltown Steam & Machinery Museum. 

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of October 2013.

Menangle Road, Menangle, (Near Campbelltown), New South Wales.


We have a limited space, but would love to see some blacksmithing action over the weekend.

Our key aims are entertain the public visitors and increase awareness of forging in the vintage machinery scene.

240v and limited 415v @ 20amp are available (hint, hint to Monster!). 

There are some limited opportunities for camping over, get in touch with me for the options.


Look forward to seeing you there,


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have to see what can be organised, getting a trailer at the right price that can carry the massey is going to be the catch. Will we be in the open or can we get under a roof, (my basil cell carcinomers aren't getting any smaller), be a lot more interest if there is shelter.


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Steam and machinery rally organising is coming together for next weekend.  I plan to be there a good bit earlier than the 9am opening to public- we have to unload cars and park out of the way.  

Get in touch with me (PM  or my phone if you have it) to help layout space, I look forward to seeing as many as possible.



PS there is a national congregation of mechanical music machines planned to be there, some dozen are expected- an opportunity not to be missed!


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