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Anyone ever hear of a Fire fishing pole?

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My wife found this gadget in a magazine and thought it would be something i'd like to make, and although I like the idea in general, (and I do think it's within my forging abilities) I can't help but think that the "hook" apparatus would get incredibly hot.

I mean, how would you remove the marshmallow or hot dog without getting burned?  Seems to me there'd be a lot of S'more related injuries!

Has anyone ever seen or used something like this?

Here's a site that sells them and has a little video of them in use:http://www.almanac.com/product/fire-fishing-pole  


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shoot; take 6 pieces of 1/8" steel wire about a foot to 16' long and a short piece to stick in the middle. Clamp about 4" from one end with a small hose clamp and forgeweld the end and forge out into a hook and then close the hook.


Remove the clamp and twist the bundle as much as you like leaving about 6" *un*twisted at the bottom.  Fold those ends out radially and point the ends.


You now have a pretty weiner/marshmallow roaster to be dangled from a pole....


Around these parts we use election sign wire for such things after the election's over.

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