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Hi Folks,


I am making some copper bowls that have brass legs that I attach from the bottom.  I tried gently brazing woth an oxyacetylene torch but it is really tricky and on leg two I managed to melt my bowl.  Should I be trying silver solder and a cooler flame? Something else?  Thanks a bunch for any suggestions


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i made some copper and brass cups recently that had brass or copper legs attached, I went the route of riveting with copper rivets.  If I wanted to join them without pins then I would use silver solder on account of its greater strength than soft plumbers solder. If you have three seperate legs, then you may need to get three types of silver solder (each has a different melting point so you can do multiple solder joints on an item)

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What dave said, silver solder. Depending on how big the bowl is,  you either have to do them all at once, somehow cleverly bound in place using some binding wire but not bound too tight to the bowl that the wire will bend the bowl when it gets hot, or three stages of solder. Or rivet.

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