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New anvils any good?

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How good are the new anvils? I've been recently looking at the prices of used and the difference to go to new isn't that far off. Heck, there's one dealer on e-bay getting higher than new prices. I doubt i'm going to find the deal of a lifetime soon. So, what is a good anvil to purchase new? Does anyone have one currently. I've personally had access to a Nimba and was extremely impressed. But know nothing of the other brands. I know you can use a drop of steel and have a great ASO, but if you were to go with new, what would you want?

The anvil brand legend from the jhm line at centaur forge for example is $500 for a 120# or $4.15 a pound. Nimba same size was $7.50 a pound. But i' heard that the man who started that is no longer around. So are they still made to the same standards?

Don't know if i'll take that plunge yet, I'll probably just keep using my ASO for a bit and wait for that perfect day when i spot a hunk of metal under a pile of junk in an old barn, and offer the guy $20 to take it off his hands.

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Don't overlook the EuroAnvil. They are not going to be as fine as a Nimba or Ped, but you are getting down into the $3.50/lb range (on the German pattern).


They are going to be a little on the soft side compared to an old Mouse Hole or Peter Wright, just be sure to use good hammer control and keep your iron hot.

I like mine.


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Tom Clark sales a SWEET anvil, 275#er for $1500.00. Made of S-7 steel and made in MO. I have used this anvil and it is SOO SWEET!. Check it out at Ozark School Of Blacksmithing

NOTE: I receive NO compentation for this, Just that I know he sales a good product. He has updated his site and now has a secure online store and has a deal about buy 2 pr.tongs get 1pr. free. These tongs a made of 5160. I own 10 pr. myself and love them. sorry for the commercial. :)

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The JHM Mike gave me is a great anvil. If I were to go out and buy one it would be another JHM Competitor.....or a NIMBA Centurion. Both 260#. I like the NIMBA, and the Refflinghaus
(which is a little more expensive than the others, but their quality is higher as well from what I have been told.....go here to look if you would like: Shady Grove Blacksmith Shop) but the JHM looks and works great for me.

I was very fortunate to have my anvil given to me...it is a good anvil. My hardie is 1 1/8", and the horn is sharp which I also like and others have said they like also.

I agree also with Thomas.....Tom Tongs are the best thing out there! I have several pairs and will no doubt buy more at Quad State from him this year. And I have a Tom Clark anvil....it just fits in the palm of your hand. LOL!


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