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Wilton 800s 8" vise!

Black Frog

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So I went up to visit my parents in far northern Wisconsin this past weekend.
When I make trips like that I usually check the local CL ads for that area to see if I might be interested in something, as long as going there anyway…..

I buy and sell anvils from time to time, and noticed a CL ad for a nice anvil not too far away from my parent’s area in northern WI. The anvil looked to be in real nice shape from the pictures, and the price was attractive too, but the seller really didn't know much of anything about it. I called the seller and we talked for a while and agreed on a price and a time during the weekend when I could pick it up.

When I arrived at the seller’s place, I could tell he buys and sells lots of items from auctions. He had stuff everywhere, and it wasn’t junk either. Nice stuff, but a LOT of it all over.He took me back to where the anvil was located so I could look it over. Anvil was in great shape, and I was happy with the price we had agreed upon.

That’s when I turned around and noticed a MASSIVE 8" vise laying on a moving dolly in the corner of the shop. I wandered over to look at it but I already knew what it was, Wilton 800S in fantastic shape. Still had all original paint, but it was covered with decades of dirt and grime. The jaws and the top anvil face of the vise barely had a mark on them. Made in Schiller Park. I checked the backlash on the screw thread too- this vise had seen very little use in its lifetime.

Of course I was tickled to just see one of these things in person, but I asked in a half-hearted
way, “..…you selling this thing too?” All the while not wanting to sound too interested.

He told me it was indeed for sale, he just hadn’t got around to taking pictures and listing it on CL.

Oh man, then I was trying to think fast on what I would be willing to pay for such a beauty. And also trying to think of what he might be asking for it. I know they go for BIG money new, and even command a hefty price used (that is if you can even find a used one for sale).

I didn’t want to seem enthusiastic about the vise, so I didn’t inquire about his asking price right away. We loaded up the anvil in my truck and we looked at some other cool stuff he had around there.

Then I finally asked, “well, what are you looking to get for that big vise?” …….I was bracing myself for a pricey amount.

He said $250. eek.png
I just nodded my head a bit even though I was jumping up and down on the inside.
Of course I couldn’t stop there…. “Would you take a bit less? I’m here right now, and I have cash….”

So I ended up with a lovely behemoth of a hardly used Wilton 800S vise in my truck for $225.
I am a VERY happy camper!

Do I need something like this? ...probably not, but would you pass that up?!?






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So did you buy the anvil too?  What did you find this time?

Yup, anvil too.

Beautiful 200# Trenton, clean lines and outstanding rebound, cheap price.


I mentioned before that it was obvious he does a lot of auction buying, then reselling.
If he's willing to let that vise go for $225, ya know he's making something on it, just imagine what HE paid for it!

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