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A redo of a Galileo Thermometer

Walnut Square Iron

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I am kind of new here and this is my first contribution of a small project.  The thermometer was a gift from my in-laws, but they knew that I would not like the original base.  It is a bit tippy and cats or kids will eventually knock it over.  I took a piece of driftwood and cut it in half and used a forstner bit to make the hole that holds the foam pads to secure the glass tube.  I used a piece of 1/4" square stock about 36" long.  I had a post going the other day about symmetry and this is the result.  The ends met up well, just the twist was off.  I would have liked the top where it hooks not as wide, but it am happy with it.  


Original thermometer.





Cored out block with foam pad. Made a top one also.




I ended up flattening the ends and doing opposite twists while it was still straight.  The twists ended up being a 1/4" off from the opposite side.  It was good practice though.




I bent the rod in the middle and made a bell shape bend to hang it on the hook.  I secured the bottom block first and then the top. 




I made a simple scroll end hook to hang it on.  It will end up in the house, up high and away from danger of being tipped over.


post-38281-0-55848700-1379200392_thumb.j    post-38281-0-72391900-1379200782_thumb.j


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