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New Tanto/wakizashi WIP

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Well I said I would wait for a book on forging Japanese blades before I started another but couldn't help myself this weekend and started any way.

Started from a 11"x1.25"x1/4" piece of Aldo's 1075. Initially stretched the bar to around 14" in total and shrinking width to 1". This added a little more thickness as well. I managed to get the width within .02" from one end to the other.

The next day I forged in the initial bevels and the length is now 15.25" by 1.125". I still plan on taking the bevel a little further. I do not have my diagram of Japanese blade terminology in front of my since I'm on my phone on a break at work, I apologize. This is what I have thus far.

Btw I also wet forged this. Keeping my knife anvil clean and wet between each heat and constantly dipping my hammer in water to blast scale off.








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Shouldnt be much sori, will have to take the rest of the bend out. This was just forged, pre-heat treatment. I thought about getting a little more width out of it but havent touched it until i get a book that will hopefully clear up some preportion questions. Thanks!

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