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Fire pot depth


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hey guys,


I've been looking around the web for A recommendation for the depth of a charcoal fire pot but I came up with nothin

so I came here, now I'll mostly be working with small 1/4-1/2 inch stock and be using home made pine charcoal so If anybody can tell me what depth they recommend I'm all ears.


thanks in advance,


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Dont feel bad when i first starte playing with charcoal (as an adult) i had to ask and Tommas among others helped me out.
Charcoal likes a deaper fire, say 6-8", coal is happy at 5-6". This isn't counting the 2 or 3" mounded up over the steel. So a relitivly shallow pot requires you to pile up more fuel. The issue is getting the O2 all used up to reduce scale. To shallow and you have an oxidizing fire and to deap a carberizing one.
Are you building a side or bottom blast?

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You can deepen the "fire pot" with fire bricks around it. Nothing wrong with soft wood charcoal, it burns hotter but faster is all. Were I a charcoal connoisseur I'd use hardwood charcoal for general forging and soft wood for welding. Of course I'm not a charcoal guy unless I'm camping, BBQing or trying to absorb toxins so I use propane.


Frosty The Lucky.

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