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I Forge Iron

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My name is GHAZI ABDERRAHIM ;  young Moroccan nationality, age 34, I have a degree inblacksmithing art - making furniture and domestic windows and doorsand everything related to steel industry - I have 12 years experience in this area
Forging art 
* The definition of specialization: Technical mourning is qualified worker who performs works of art such as wrought iron railings, windows, decoration of buildings ... . 
      * Activities: 
v  perform the whole curving, forming, bending, base ... etc. from the plan or model or intervened Provided. 
v  the implementation of the heat treatments, such as watering, revision, annealing ... 
v  the implementation of the decorative motifs. 
v  the implementation of the assembly procedures of welding gas, electric arc and tapping. 
v  competencies: 
v  completion of works of art. 
v  respect the safety features of machines used in different working positions. 
v  know the proposal meets the very business model of the customer. 
v  the ability to assume the responsibilities of manufacture and construction. 
v  completion of other works, such as chandeliers, lanterns







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I doubt he will see this due to not being on the forum since 2013. You might try sending a PM to him, he may get a message about it. BTW welcome to IFI, if you edit your profile to show you location we will know where in the world you are. This thread will be a big help in getting the best out of the forum. READ THIS FIRST

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