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3 months ago a freind had a minor rear end bump, he caused no real damage, but they pulled over to exchange info just in case.  As they were on the side of the road exchanging information a third car, driven by a 19 yr old girl that turns out was busy texting rather than watching where she was driving, Hit the rear of the pick up my friend was driving, forcing it forward 5 ft into the leading car, trapping Mikes legs and crushing them between the 2 bumpers, and then moving all 3 cars 6 ft more forward before coming to a halt. In addition to the broken (and one shattered) bones, he had a blow out of a major artery.  after 10 weeks in hospital he is home, and after 2 weeks home took his first steps on the rebuilt legs today.  Of course he fell down, but he moved on his own, so prayer is working, please keep it up, Included are latest X ray  photos showing the pins and rods used for the rebuild



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Prayers sent. He's very lucky to be alive.



I guess I'm just old fashioned. It doesn't occur to me to type on a phone when it's so much easier to just dial and talk to the person. At least that way your eyes hopefully don't leave the road even if you might get distracted like some do on the phone.

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Prayers on the way. Prayers of thanks, prayers for speedy recovery and prayers for the girl who did it.


I worked for the state of Alaska for 30 years, much of the time ON the highway and we never stood between vehicles. to many state vehicles have been hit by drivers who were doing something they shouldn't, the DWIs shouldn't have been behind the wheel of course.


A point of interest to folk who work the roads is the effects of warning lights. WE carried enough strobes and flashers on our trucks to light the landscape for a considerable distance and guess what, the lit trucks get hit a little more often than dark rigs. Why? Folk look at the strobes and the vehicle goes where you look, not where you want.


Flares draw the right kind of attention, just don't put them directly behind your vehicle.


Sorry for the digression but these stories strike pretty close to home for me.


Frosty The Lucky.

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