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My first anvil

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Traditionally the face of the anvil should be even with your bent knuckles when your arm hangs down.  This works well with working larger stock with larger tools; for something like knifemaking this height will kill your back---I like the anvil about 4" higher---more like middle of the wrist for doing fine work.


One way to tell is to hit hot metal with your main hammer at the height you think is right and see if you are hitting flat or at an angle---generally front of the hammer lead is too low and back of the hammer lead is too high.


The one true answer is "The height that is proper for you!"

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It's often easier to lower the anvil than raise it. I cut my anvil stand down about 4 times until I reached a height I was comfortable with for working on the face. It would have been much harder to keep trying to add height. Since my stand is a fabricated wooden one, a couple quick cuts with the circular saw and I'd shortened up the height.

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