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Greetings from South Africa

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Hi All.

First off thank you for this amazing website and all the knowledge it holds.

I'm from South Africa and have wanted to take up blacksmithing for a few years now (more like 10) and finally have the finances and land to do just that.

I have managed to purchase (what I believe to be a pretty decent) anvil and in excellent condition, it looks as if it was purchased and used as a door stop when it got home, it's a 2CWT JB from England I picked it up for R5000 ($486 US) Not as big as some I have read about but I think a good starting point at a good price and a anvil that will let me do more then just the basics.

I still have to setup my forge and work area but that will be done shortly as I am still building the house (very little left to do, about a weekends work) so pics of the forge and workshop to follow later.

Anyway just a quick intro and to say "Hi"

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A hearty Welcome to you! Brooks anvil are nice(my favorite anyhow) R5000 possibly a bit rich for 120kg but I suppose that sometimes beggars can't be choosers.

Please update your location on your profile. I'm in the airport in Chicago right no & will be back  in Sa on Monday night. I have lots of surplus kit that I might be able to help you out with.



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