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I Forge Iron

Just bought my first post vice.


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Just bought my first post vice. Now I have to to build a stand. I can't wait. It will make so many things so much easier. I haven't had time to clean it up and look for identification yet.


Bought my first real coal forge from the same shop today. Yes, I am in the dog house tonight.  :D




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That looks like a pretty good size vise. Forge looks like it has a good bit of life left in it, so good deal.


Personally I like my dogs and don't mind spending 'quality time' with them...Tools like these are things you buy once and you pass them on to your kids after you are too old and tired to hammer anymore.


Enjoy the toys.



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Having a spring around the screw won't "hurt" anything, but it will make it harder for you to close the vise.  A lot of shops would put a protector around the exposed screw so newbies didn't use the screw as a stock support and end up damaging the threads.


That leaf spring pushing against the bottom of the leg is all you need, but it might have lost it's spring after all these years and the guys just through in a convenient coil spring because it was a fast/easy fix.  Easy enough to re-bend the leaf spring, though.


No matter how you cut it, you got one hoss of a vise and forge!

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