Anvil weights by dimension

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1 hour ago, ThomasPowers said:

Does it have an inlet on one side of the face?  A picture would help a lot!

Hi Tom. Thanks for the interest. No, it didn’t have an inlet, although I did find one like you’re describing in my research. I guess it worked in conjunction with a power hammer? Very interesting. I would’ve loved to post some pics of the anvil I intended on purchasing but the seller backed out, he was offered more $$.. The pic I had contained the sellers info, and I was keeping that private. I was raised where a man’s word is a man’s word, and a deal’s a deal. Oh well, at least he told me before I made that journey! It wasn’t meant to be and greater opportunities await on the horizon. I’ll update my profile to fully benefit from this site.. Thanks again for your time!

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Yes, me and Al Pendray both have a Fisher from a Blacker powerhammer; they have a weight stamped using very small number stamps up near the inlet and the face.

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