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Who made da blade?


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Hey guys a friend of mine has been asked to make a copy of the knife Tonto uses in the most recent version of the Lone Ranger. The Johnny Depp version of Tonto that is.


The fellow wanting the blade is into theater and is playing a pretty good impression of Captain Jack Sparrow at the State Fair, so I'm thinking he's got a gig playing Tonto. He says it's supposed to have been forged out of a RR spike but I've looked at the pics online and don't see any evidence. Of course it could've been a spike in a former life. I got the pic off a Google search, no maker or photo credit was given.


This patron doesn't seem to know much about blades but he WANTS a spike knife so. . . .


Thanks for whatever you can tell me.


Frosty The Lucky.


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The way it's made I don't see why you couldn't make it out of anything you wanted as long as it was carbon steel and you can put a patina.  If it was to be used for a anything but a prop the RR spike would be the last thing I would use.  Anyway, if it were to be truely authentic RR spike knife carried by a late 1800's indian it would be wrought iron (up to 1926 that's what they were made from).  I'd make it from 1080, the hard part gonna be the fixtures and leather goodies. :o  The patina should be easy enough, just go clean a mess of fish.  Eat well and instant patina! ;)

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I haven't seen the movie, but while standing in line at a Subway I noticed on a promotional cardboard display the he had *two* knives sheathed side by side in his belt, and one was definitely a railroad spike knife with a twisted handle.  Being in the sheath, I have no idea of the blade pattern.

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