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I Forge Iron

Problem with steel size


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AFter reading loads and lots :P

I dicided to give it a try, the main reason that got me into it has that, swords are iligal in my country, yeah I  can't import or buy even inside Europe.


Anyway, its has always been my dream to own a real japanese sword, and so on, u get it. u all get the thrill, its the same. Besides most japanese retail swords on market, xxxx compared to the real fully handmade and properly  DH HT blades.


The steel im using it got me even more fascinated into it cause I was able to find the very rare AISI 1080V in Europe.



C: 0,75% - 0,85%
Si: 0,10% - 0,30%
Mn: 0,10% - 0,40%
P: Max 0,030%
S: Max 0,030%

Thats the standard Specs, with +Cr 0.5, V 0.16

I bought some flat bars with the following sizes:

6mm x 25mm x 1200 mm

6mm x 30mm x 1200 mm



I would like to cut off pieces of it in a way , the left over is enough to make a katana or Ko-katana.



I was thinking of cutting 30cm to make tantos of each and leave the rest,what i want to know is that proporcional, i never really forged anything yet so i dont have clear idea of how much it can extend or grow in lenght.

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Forging a sword is more than a do it yourself project you spend a couple of hours learning. Start out learning the basics on something small like a knife and progress from there. Expect it will take a couple of years of practice.



 The other way is to simply start with steel the right size and grind it all to the profile you want. It's more a machining project at that point vs forging a sword. I've seen at least one TV show where the host basically ground out a sword and then heat treated it. What he made pretty much any monkey with a grinder could do as far as shaping the steel. It was all stock removal, not forging.

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I think he's asking the length he should cut his steel bars to be able to forge a sword out of... 


Silent, is it illegal to own a sword? or to buy/sell/import one cause there may be a difference... can you own a knife? cause if thats a yes, find out how long and start by forging a tanto out to that length


this same type of thread has came up so many times and I never get involved... all I can say is start small

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Its legal to own swords here, theres shops and stores of sword a nd knifes, all are XXXXXX wallhanger stainless steel though.


Legal to own collect, not carry out. I think thats clear, my question was where to cut the steel profiles that i already got.


And yes I intend to start making some knives, then tantos first.


Just asking where to cut the steel to keep some reserv bars, to make swords when i got the Expirience.

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K, I am back in a wee bit!

When and if you make this sord, and depending on your level of skill at that  point, the length of stock you need to begin a blade will depend on the design and your forging ability. How much you change the width and length,,including the part behind the tang will determine how much the steel grows in those areas. If you do a nice long distal taper it will become longer...if you spread it out edge to edge it will also use up metal. if you take many heats getting this done you will lose metal to scale. If we give equal length and sizes of bars to different levels of skilled smiths and they produce a similar shaped item they will likely be different lengths. Best to measure a sord you wish to copy and cut long....maybe even longer...not unusual at all for folks new to forging to burn the tip off. 

All of this will make more sense when you forge the first hundred knife blades...Seriously!...have fun and take pics.

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