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Hi guys, so I've been blacksmithing/blade smithing for 5-6 months now and have made a few knives. Surprising myself that I am very good at bladesmithing. I can make great knives already in the forge and I'm wanting a newer challenge. I want to learn to create Damascus steel. I know it's something that very advanced for a beginner smith to try. But I'd really like to try it. So what do I need to do to make Damascus I've found a steel supplier with 15n20 and I was thinking going with 15n20 and 1075 spring steel I read that in a blacksmithing book I have. Now I have a gas forge and I know how to do simple forge weld. My forge wasn't really designed to forge Damascus I don't think. You can find my forge at majesticforge.com and it's the artist deluxe 2 burner I believe that's what it's called for those of you who want to look. But Im getting a new welder in September so I want to know if there's anything else I need to get before I attemp to do this? I figure I need to get my forge around 2300? But I've never done this before so any suggestions on what temperature I should be going for and what setting I should be running? I usually run my forge from 8-25 psi it doesn't have blowers I just use the pressure of the gas.

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I think 2300 isn't gonna do it, that's the very bottom end of what you can expect.  You need more heat.  That being said, some here might find it amusing that one would think themselves good at forging after a few months.  I've been at it for 5 years and my forgings are just barely addiquate.  There's a lot of info in the stickies, but in the end you'll just have to practice.  post some pic of your work!  ^_^

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Was any of the information we put into the knife making section of value to you?

And if you do look the part about pattern welding is in the section for advanced work,,,for good reason,,,

And so you know it is really so easy even I can do it. but certainly not in the first few years. Kind of like asking to drive a nascar racer before learning to drive anything,,,And to take you at your word,, if you are truly talented and are making great knives already that will be of great value when you weld up a billet  and you know how to shape it.

A few pics of your knives and a run down on steels,,heat treating and etc would set my mind at ease.

High carbon steel welds at a lower temp than mild steel. 


The forge I use is rated to reach 2350, I do not remember running the pressure up nearly high enough to reach that temp. and I weld quite a few billets. 

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Cota, don't be put off by their gruff manner, you have 3 of the best knife makers on this forum takin time to answer up. Read the knife class stickies. Post pictures if your work, what you have used for steal and how you heat treated it, and how they preform.
If your as good as you think you are, they let you know it, if no they'll let you know it to. Take that to the bank.
They will also help you improve your prosses, and your product.
Wen I get ready to make my first knives I'm going to ask them to pick them apart.

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