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First Attempt At Forge Welding....

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I began smithing three years ago this month and found there is so much to learn. Forge welding was something I put off becasue I don't need to do it. However, folks have asked me over the years if I perform that. And so I thought after three years time, I'd give it a try.


I didn't realize how easy it is. I had the wife pick me up a container of 20 Mule Team to get me started. I know it isn't the best stuff, but many folks use it, probably because the stuff at the blacksmith supply is three times the money.


I started off with flat stock; folding it over itself and welding. I folded that thing up, over and over; welding each time.  The book I have mentioned that welding two piece together is more difficult, so I had to give that a try too. My first three/four attempts didn't work, but then I got details worked out and began welding scrap pieces together. 


Only thing I can figure; I have read about welding for nearly three years now and employing the "think system" I learned how to do it w/o even trying it.


btw.....the oddest thing was..... I even tried it at the end of the day;a dirty fire. No problem. Stuff welds right up. I must have some REAL good coal. I don't generally see much in the way of clinckers, really.


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Good Morning,


Forge welding is patience and not hitting very hard. With some people they try too hard and get impatient. You also will learn that if you sometimes forget the flux, it will still weld with a clean fire.


Congratulations on taking the step.



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I will try it again this next weekend when I'm back at the historical society's forge.


I'd like to use that technique as a demmo during the classes I teach at the forge.


I was thinking it was beginners luck as I hear it is really hard to do; and it takes years to perfect. If that isn't the case, and I'm a natural at it....I was thinking starting off with something easy like a four tier chandelier and then forge an internal combustion engine. ;)

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Forge welding is a basic skill that all blacksmiths must master in my opinion. Over the years it has gone from a frustrating on and off thing to a reliable method of work. I hate the idea now of splitting stock for a basket twist since it is so much easier to weld it. It sounds like you have had a lot of luck on a first time. (luck is 9 parts study and 1 part proper phase of the moon or whatever) by spending time studying and thinking about it you have short cut the learning curve ( i wasn't that smart) Forge welding is a great thing to teach. I have taught it numerous times and I believe it makes for a better student if they can come to grips with this they are more apt to take on more and learn more if they have confidence.

Well done

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Greetings ,


Congratulations on your first successful forge weld ... Practice many more and soon you can be like the rest of us... The only one you miss is when you are giving a demo in front of 50 people..   Go figure...


Forge on and make beautiful things


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