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100# Peter wright, AKA baby sister

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Hey guys, added another anvil to the collection, this is the new baby sister to my fisher and William foster, it weighs 100 pounds and rings like a bell, I would say the rebound is a good 75 to 80 percent. I am not sure if I will keep it, I don't really need three anvils......at least that's what the fiancé says ;) got the anvil and the small shop made mandrel for about a buck a pound, so I didn't get hurt even though the edges are fairly worn on the anvil.




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"don't really need three anvils"


Women sooo don't understand.... sheesh!



Looks like a fantastic anvil, and that mandrel will come in very handy!  Only thing I'd do is cut off the screw tabs and weld on a stem that will fit your anvils.  Then you can use it on the anvil or vise.  Really great addition to the shop!

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Still have not cut a stump down to size for my William foster so I have not gotten to forge on it yet, but I did forge on my new peter wright last night and I am in love!!!! My fisher is a nice anvil but this little peter wright seemed to move material so much quicker,needless to say, I'm keeping it!!! And I talked it over with the lady and she said that as long as I keep my "junk" out of the yard she doesn't care how many I have :) ....... She can be so understanding at times!

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